Module 1: Understanding the purpose of hoof trimming

This module allows you to gain insight into the effect on foot health such as weather, types of environments, genetics nutrition and animal comfort and behaviour patterns.

This module gives you a wider sense of tools and how different tools are required for different jobs.  How to sharpen a knife and protect your tools.  You can handle different hand tools and various grinders and cutting wheels from a beginner to a professional. Here you can find your comfort zone safely on cadaver feet. They wont feel a thing.

This module proves the importance of time management in hoof health.   You will see examples of timely intervention of cattle just gone lame vs. the damage of ignoring a lame cow. You will learn the dollar value of lesions and how trimming cattle on time can easily pay for investing in equipment to care for your animals and yourself.

There​ are three courses available.  Basic, Advanced and Instructors 


This is a 2 day course held at my location in my shop located just north of London Ontario in Arva.  The class runs from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm with a maximum class size of 4 people.  The cost is $960.50 (includes HST) CDN funds, includes drinks, hot lunches, break food plus a tool kit of hand tools and supplies.  You will also receive a small library of reference materials to take home including the White Line Atlas Method of Trimming, Hoof Signals by Dr. Jan Hulfsen and an Intra Care Product line sample package as well a glue kit of Bovi-Bond and blocks.   Day one is class room using the modules and day two is practical trimming on cadaver feet, how to correctly  block a foot as well as applying a correct wrap on a foot.

In order to successfully trim feet each participant will understand the responsibility to the craft of trimming the bovine foot.  This course ensures each module has a solid background that reflects the desired goals for successful herd management.  

The course will include guidelines and recommendations from the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle(Dairy Farmers of Canada and the National Farm Care Council 2009)  This course is designed for the herds person or farmer who want to successfully care for hoof health between a professional hoof trimmers visits.


This course is 3 days and upgrades knowledge of complicated lesion profiles, foot conformation and economics. Also electronic recording of correct lesion identification using the International Committee of Animal Recording (ICAR) Foot Atlas (2015).   On day 2 trimming cadaver challenges and evaluation.  On day 3 we will be going to a specific farm doing live cattle evaluation and hoof trimming.  The cost is $1695.00 (including HST) and again includes the same food and tool package as the basic course.  Maximum class size is 3 people.  the farm has a very good setup area that is clean and lots of space for evaluation and working.  

Instructors Course 

Is a four day course for teaching White LIne Atlas Method.  The cost is $2260.00 Including HST  Maximum of 2 people

Module 6: Safety

This is the most important module I teach.  Safety involves you, the people around you as well as the animal(s) you handle. Discussion involves safe handling of livestock, knowing how to handle tools, safety equipment plus safety standards and insurance.  

This module allows you to understand why my company motto is "Knowledge from the inside out"  Each student gets their own anatomy models to use and give better understanding to the next module of biomechanics

This module creates an understanding of the types of lesions that affect foot health as well as how and why. Basic recording is taught and electronic recording is taught in the advanced class. Correctly recording lesions is a must for anyone from professional to the farmer caring for his own cattle

Module 8:  Treatment of claw lesions

This module generates quite literally a lot of energy for the class.  Here we discuss how energy is dispersed throughout the leg and foot of the animal while in motion or standing.  Which can generate positive or negative health for the claws of a cleft foot animal

Module 2: Understanding factors that influence foot health on a cloven footed animal

 A subsidiary of Vic's Custom Clips Inc. Quality Hoof Care Est. 1984

Module 4  Bio mechanics  

This module allows you to get a deeper sense of the responsibility to animal care using the Recommended Guide for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle in context with Dairy Farmers of Canada's Pro Action Program.  Students learn  maintenance and therapeutic trimming.

Vic's Hoof Trimming Course

Module 5: Tools

Module 9: Show me the money

Module 7: Lesion Identification

This module teaches you how to properly block or wrap a foot as well as when and if you should.  You will learn the logic line of applying various treatments including recording of substances applied to a foot in accordance with Canadian Quality Milk Program (CQM). You will also see healing profiles of lesions to build your confidence in caring for your animals

Module 3: Anatomy